CLA Project

To secure the future of our nation our children must be focused on excellence, service to others and be completely prepared to have a determined, dynamic and positive impact on the global community. They must be courageous and fully committed to bringing a positive but critical perspective into an extremely competitive, global marketplace devoid of every principle except a better bottom line at any cost to humanity.

The Christian Leadership Academy’s educational platform has been designed to motivate the pursuit of excellence utilizing consistent academic and ethical challenges in every aspect of the student’s developmental experience at the Academy. It concentrates on servant leadership responsibilities and the development of Christian character and a God centered conscious. Every educational module has the essential and fundamental elements of the Judeo-Christian ethic as its core foundation. These elements include integrity, honor, courage, self-discipline, faithfulness, love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness and dedication to the lifelong pursuit of wisdom and excellence.

Our educational platform fosters healthy competition, critical thinking, responsible leadership and a genuine desire to leave a legacy of hope and encouragement for those that follow. The key element in this process is the deliberate, ethical application of all acquired knowledge under any conceivable circumstance. In this nurturing but challenging environment each child’s individual gifts and abilities will be encouraged to bloom and flourish. To accomplish these goals we must have an educational facility that exemplifies the excellence we expect from our students. Our passion is to develop students who will become living examples of Christian humility but prepared and dedicated to excellence, honorable competition and the enthusiastic engagement of life utilizing their full potential.